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The Educated Fish

13 February 2012

The Educated Fish website has undergone a revamp lately and has a lot of new materials. ‘There are links to hundreds of websites covering almost every topic imaginable… revealing the richness of the applications available on the web’.

Picture Book Maker

8 February 2012

If you like Super Action Comic Maker from Artisan Cam then you are also going to love Picture Book Maker. It works in a similar way, allowing the user to add and manipulate backgrounds, objects and text. On printing, there are directions on how to fold it into a book and the results are stunning.

picture book maker

Favourite Free Reading Resources

6 February 2012

Here are some of my “Favourite Free Online Resources for Reading”. Please let me know if your favourite resource has been missed out.

For all sites visited during the workshop at the Wiltshire Reading Conference please click here.

Safer Internet Day is on 7th February 2012

1 February 2012

The theme for Safer Internet Day 2012 is Connecting Generations with the slogan “Discovering the digital world together safely”. The Safer Internet Centre here in the UK have produced packs for primary and secondary schools, which include quick ideas for teachers, a lesson plan and an assembly.

Download your 2012 schools pack now!

See a short video of a school event run by the Yorkshire Humber Grid for Learning which brings the Connecting Generations theme to life.

Safer Internet Day Live – the radio programme is back!

Listen here for more information!

For the second year running, the UK Safer Internet Centre will be presenting Safer Internet Day Live; a marathon radio programme on Safer Internet Day from 9am to 9pm (GMT) and broadcasting over the Internet and around the world. A fully interactive experience, listeners will be encouraged to text, email, Skype, IM and even phone in with questions to challenge the panel of experts from around the world.