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Digital Audio

18 November 2008

Recently, I have been working on a number of different projects using digital audio and have found some great tools for the job. These include the brilliant Easi-speak (below) from TTS, the free to download Audacity and the great podcasting tool Podium

Thanks to a post by Doug Dickinson on his blog dougmuses I can now also add Vocaroo to that list. It is such a simple way to quickly send a voice message. Listen to Doug explaining just how easy it is to use …. here


In the style of Famous Artists

15 November 2008

I was shown Check the map this week, which aims to support parents and tachers working with children with Special Educational Needs.  We spent some time looking at the extensive Free Fun Sites for Children and especially enjoyed 2 sites which recreate art in the style of famous artists. Jackson Pollock and Mr Picaso Head. Thanks for sharing Rowan!