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Animoto for Education

23 April 2012

MS Photo Story 3 is a firm favourite for turning photos and music into stunning video masterpieces to share, especially now that it works with Windows 7.

As an alternative you may wish to try Animoto which is fast, free and shockingly easy to use. It lets you easily select photos and video clips from a range of sources, then add your own words to tell your story.

The Educated Fish

13 February 2012

The Educated Fish website has undergone a revamp lately and has a lot of new materials. ‘There are links to hundreds of websites covering almost every topic imaginable… revealing the richness of the applications available on the web’.

Generating Word Clouds

24 October 2011

Have you used Wordle to create word clouds from text? It is a lovely tool which allows you to tweak your clouds with different fonts, layouts, and colour schemes. Tom Barrett shares 52 (and counting) interesting ways to use Wordle in the following presentation.

Just be aware that unfortunately you can come across inappropriate content uploaded to the Wordle Gallery. has a number of activities on the site including a word cloud generator for children. It has simple functions to help manipulate your clouds, save them as jpegs and there is no option to upload to a gallery.

Or, if you prefer clouds in different shapes then try tagxedo

Typing Skills

13 October 2007

Whilst reading the blog by Bristol teacher Simon Mills I came across a reminder from Doug Dickinson about these two free resources for helping pupils to improve their keyboard and typing skills.  

The first involves a free download called ‘Sebran’ which contains a number of games including one called ‘letter rain’ which helps children quickly locate letters on the keyboard:

The second is ‘Dance Mat Typing’ from the BBC which is an introduction to touch typing:


Image supplied by

For a more detailed description of typing software  see Spencer’s post on the B&NES Blog 

Topic Box

15 July 2007

Regular visitors to the Coxhoe Durham or Snaith Primary websites will appreciate just how useful it is to have all those online educational resources in one place. I have just read about a new one called Topic Box on the Little Miss Teacher blog and have been to have a look around. The brightly coloured and easy to navigate website aims to electronically replace those dusty old plastic storage boxes which look promising but generally fail to deliver. Already there are 2131 resources in 174 different topics which can be rated by anyone who downloads them. Tell your friends and let me know if you come across any other similar sites.

topic box


The Magic Sorting Hat

11 November 2006

I was lucky enough to sit in on the inspirational seminar by Tim Rylands at the Wiltshire ICT Conference this week. During his introduction he used a brilliant, free download from Harmony Hollow which takes all the stress out of selecting a volunteer. Once downloaded and installed, you add the names of your class and click on shuffle. If you reduce the size of the window so that it just shows the top name then when you click on stop you will randomly choose a member of the class.


I was also really pleased to see that Tom Robson has taken the first tentative steps into the highly addictive world of the blog. Go Tom!

Making a booklet

18 October 2006

Been on one of our courses recently where we showed you how to make a booklet in Textease and forgotten how to do it? Fear not, help is at hand! We are pleased to be able to share our first ever podcast publicly. This is a first attempt so please forgive the quality, but do let us know if it was useful.

Click here for a copy of the Textease template.

 Click here to listen the audio file.