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TES iboard 12 days of Christmas

12 December 2012

Fun, festive and FREE interactive Christmas games from TES iboard including:

Bauble symmetry

  • Match each bauble with a symmetrical one.

Christmas tree coordinates

  • A tricky challenge – draw a Christmas tree using coordinates.

Elf sorter

  • Sort the elves by different attributes.


E-Safety Christmas Message from the SWGfL

7 December 2011

There is often a ‘must have’ gadget each Christmas and usually technological. Parents can be swept along and not necessarily consider all aspects when making some of these present purchases, for example online access, age rating, etc.

The SWGfL have produced some content that any schools or organisation may wish to include in any pre Christmas communication, such as a newsletter. Click here.


Interactive Advent Calendar for Schools

1 December 2011

Tricias has put together an amazing collection of Digital Advent Calendars here. If more options are needed then from try ICT Magic or this free download from Wishtrac.

Christmas advent

Bonfire Night and Guy Fawkes

31 October 2011

Fireworks night is such a good context for using a paint package such as Revelation Natural Art. Other resources also include:

and for safety advice – Bonfires and Fireworks Night – Education Resources for Teachers

Or play the following fireworks game by clicking on the picture:


Easter Activities and Resources

25 March 2011

 Free Easter teaching activities available, include:

NGFL Cymru Easter story resources

The TES top 50 Easter collection

Top Marks Easter

Communication 4 all resources to support inclusion

Woodlands Junior school ideas for teachers

Happy Christmas

1 December 2010

It’s that time of year again to share some festive spirit and ICT resources. Did you get a chance to Elf yourself last year? Well this year to mark the Royal Mail Christmas stamps collection, there is a chance to create yourself as a Wallace and Gromit character here.

Also new for Christmas 2010 is an online advent calender hosted on the SWGfL Learning Platform Merlin. Each number hides a festive activity for your class, which Wiltshire teachers can access through their Merlin accounts. Alternatively 2Simple have also launched an advent calender.

You will find a comprehensive range of Christmas ideas and resources on Mark Warner’s Teaching Ideas site.

You may also like to try out some of these links:

christmas Christmas tree water colour

by Hiking Artist on Flickr

The Football World Cup 2010

18 June 2010

The TES have collected together World Cup resources here or visit the site and search for World Cup. Crick Software’s LearningGrids team have also been preparing a range of free resources for use with Clicker or Writeonline. Alternatively you can read Tom Palmer’s World Cup story, featuring football detective Danny Harte. A new chapter is written daily during the World Cup and posted on the Literacy Trust’s website to read with your class. It includes actual events as and when they happen and there are also writing exercises on the site.

Thanks to John for suggesting the football games on Primary Games Arena and watch highlights recreated in Lego


1 December 2009

Did you open the first door of your Advent Calendar today? Woodlands Junior School has its own ‘Online Interactive World Advent Calendar’ with a test of Christmas knowledge: 

While Kent Ed has produced one aimed at key stage 1:

For more Christmas ideas and activities try:

Have a happy festive season 🙂

Easter Activities

26 March 2009

i-board regularly make a small selection of their resources available to teachers free of charge.  Currently contains 6 activities suitable for KS1 and early KS2.

They are free to use and you can also link to them from your website, Merlin and My First Place. They are creative, pattern making activities, some themed around Easter. Simply go to the library area of the URL provided and click  “Show All Activities”. Note: When you get to the launch screen of an activity it contains a “copy link” button and “download thumbnail” button to support easy creation of lessons in a Learning Platform.

If you would like to see all i-board resources go to free to register for a free trial


More Christmas Websites

12 December 2007

This year there seems to be more Christmas websites than ever before. Festive ICT resources can be found in the Christmas Section at Topicbox and on the Kent website including the great build a snowman activity. In addition i-board have made some Christmas resources freely available.

From around the other blogs ICT nuggets discusses tracking santa with 

There are more great Christmas resources from Spencer on the Banes ICT Blog and also on the Bristol Blog where Keith excels himself with Elfyourself! (LOL!). Also don’t forget the ever popular  as mentioned here last year.    

Finally all subscribers to Ictopus will be able to download the sharing good practice resources.

Sorry if that is information overload or if I haven’t mentioned your blog or resources. Have a great Christmas from all at Primary Nuggets!