Focus on Science

Scale of the Universe:


Calmness counter:

Data Harvest Easy Sense Q Data Logger:

Handling Information / Sorting and Matching:

Planets data:

Illustrated Materials Database:

Mape sorting games:

Clip art:

Reaction times:


MS Photostory 3

Backdrop TV:



Modelling and Simulations

Phases of the moon

Mixing light

BBC Science Clips




Build a satellite

Food chain

Duck builder game:

Augmented Reality

Red Nose: (Install software)

Internal organs:



Active maths Science Vocab.


How the body works:

One Response to “Focus on Science”

  1. Scale of the Universe « Primary Nuggets Says:

    […] The Scale of the Universe is a fascinating and very easy to navigate site which investigates the relative size of different objects. Zoom from the very smallest to the very largest and everything in between. A great starter for a Focus on Science. […]

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