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Museum Resources

16 February 2007 is a collection of free online games and interactive content from  the UK’s museums and galleries. There are sections for both parents and teachers and information about the museums and galleries in your area. The site contains a diverse range of content such as the art and design tips from the Birmingham museum and art gallery:

Other historical resources can also be found at the Wiltshire History Quest:


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Maths Games

8 February 2007

Here’s your chance to emulate popular TV quiz shows in the classroom. 

A stand alone version of Countdown’s numbers game can be downloaded for free from the CSFsoftware website. The challenge is to use the six chosen numbers to make the randomly generated target number. Each number can only be used once but all maths operations are allowed. The software allows you to differentiate by controlling the range of numbers generated and adjusting the amount of time available. It plays the countdown music during the challenge and also gives all the possible solutions once the time is up.

Countdown number and word games are also available at the subtangent website along with a maths version of ‘Who wants to be a Millionaire’ called ‘Mathionaire’. Questions get gradually more tricky as you move up through the money but you have your three life lines to fall back on if you get really stuck.


Interactive MFL Resources

3 February 2007

There are a whole host of links to free MFL resources on:

The best of which is probably the award winning ‘A Tantot’ website:

Aimed at KS2, it contains games and activities designed to improve French, German and Spanish.

The colourful activities of ‘Le Club Francais’ are also worth a look:

So too are the recently added and still growing BBC resources: