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Whiteboard Resources

14 January 2011

Smart Board Goodies is packed with ideas, links and resources to use on a Smart Interactive Whiteboard. The Whiteboard Blog is another favourite resource area, check out the post 20 Interactive Whiteboard Resources for Teachers.

Smart Exchange is a place where teachers can share whiteboard files. Promethean have a similar site called Promethean Planet . The Lighthouse for Education also contains Promethean Flipcharts.

There is a further list of Whiteboard sites here. Have I missed any?


SMART Notebook 10

24 April 2008

The latest version of the SMART Notebook has been released and it is a major upgrade from the previous version. It can be downloaded from the Smarttech Website

Some extra steps have been added to the download process and you now need your Smartboard serial number which is located on the whiteboard frame. A product key is also required to activate the software and this is emailed to you once you have completed the customer information form.

  1. Enter hardware product serial number
  2. Complete customer information form
  3. Download Notebook software 10
  4. Enter product key to activate the software

The Smart Technologies website contains an overview of the new features and some video demonstrations of the software in action. For a detailed review of the new tools see the Spencer’s post on the BaNES Blog.


Roy the Singing Zebra

11 March 2008

There are some wonderful interactive games, stories and resources to help emerging readers on the Roy the Singing Zebra website. The site is free to use at school or at home and is alot of fun.


Thanks to the Teachers Love SMART Boards blog for mentioning it.

Interactive Resources

28 July 2007

Thanks to the latest edition of the Promethean Planet E – Newsletter for recommending the Crickweb Website:

It contains hundreds of great interactive whiteboard resources which are free to use on all types of board or stand alone. There are resources for all key stages and most curriculum areas. Within each section there are a range of resources to download with a brief description of the activity. The editor of the E – Newsletter was particularly taken by the fish tank game within the Early Years section, where you have to catch fish with your net and see them in a fish bowl. Pupils further up the school may wish to try the function machine which includes the option to set all operations and numbers.

Please let me know of any other websites with interactive resources.

fish tank        function machine

Interactive MFL Resources

3 February 2007

There are a whole host of links to free MFL resources on:

The best of which is probably the award winning ‘A Tantot’ website:

Aimed at KS2, it contains games and activities designed to improve French, German and Spanish.

The colourful activities of ‘Le Club Francais’ are also worth a look:

So too are the recently added and still growing BBC resources:


Interactive Whiteboard Resources

24 September 2006

Why spend valuable preparation time reinventing the wheel when there are sites offering ready made resources for the interactive whiteboard? The files may not be exactly what you were looking for, but the downloaded resource can be used as a starting point and adapted to the needs of the lesson. The National Whiteboard Network from the primary strategy is probably the best starting point. It contains Smart board, Promethean board and PowerPoint files on Literacy, Numeracy and foundation subject units of work.

There are more resources for Smart boards at the Smart Education site.

Promethean have recently launched a new site called Promethean Planet  to enable user to share resources. The Lighthouse for Education (North East Linconshire) also contains Promethean Flipcharts.

The Birmingham Grid for Learning have interactive resources that can be used on all types of boards.


 National Whiteboard Network