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Film Clips for Visual Literacy

26 March 2008

There are a number of web sites which host a range of film clips and movie trailers. I especially enjoy the trailers and short animations found at



For old television clips try the TV ARK pages. It used to be possible to view old adverts here too, lets hope it isn’t too long before they are back online :-).  

Other collections worth a look include Screen Online and Film Education which both include lesson ideas and teacher’s notes for use with film. Alternatively offers a glimpse of life on Earth.

Our friends in the Bristol ICT Team have started to collect together a range of film clips which they are generously sharing at:

Images of film clips can be captured into Interactive Whiteboard flip charts by pausing the clip and using the software’s camera tool.

 Camera tool

Roy the Singing Zebra

11 March 2008

There are some wonderful interactive games, stories and resources to help emerging readers on the Roy the Singing Zebra website. The site is free to use at school or at home and is alot of fun.


Thanks to the Teachers Love SMART Boards blog for mentioning it.

National Science Week

9 March 2008

This week is National Science Week and it is an opportunity for people of all ages to take part in science, engineering and technology activities. As part of the celebrations a team of scientists will be answering questions posed by members of the public. To find out if fish are ever thirsty or to ask a question of your own visit this web site.

A list of other useful Science and ICT links were posted on this site last year, there are also some great resources on the Kent NGFL web site.

However, if you fancy trying something a bit different then have a look at Phun which is designed to be a playground where people can be creative. It can also be used as an educational tool to learn about physics concepts such as restitution and friction. Have a look at the video to see what ‘phun’ you can have!