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SMART Notebook 10

24 April 2008

The latest version of the SMART Notebook has been released and it is a major upgrade from the previous version. It can be downloaded from the Smarttech Website

Some extra steps have been added to the download process and you now need your Smartboard serial number which is located on the whiteboard frame. A product key is also required to activate the software and this is emailed to you once you have completed the customer information form.

  1. Enter hardware product serial number
  2. Complete customer information form
  3. Download Notebook software 10
  4. Enter product key to activate the software

The Smart Technologies website contains an overview of the new features and some video demonstrations of the software in action. For a detailed review of the new tools see the Spencer’s post on the BaNES Blog.


Primary Music Websites

21 April 2008

The Dallas Symphony Orchestra and San Francisco Symphony are both brilliant free music resources. They include recordings of instruments to help students to listen to and recognise the instruments of the orchestra. There are also some great activities including the Sfskids ‘composerizer‘ area where melodies can be composed.

DSO was one of the first websites highlighted on Primary Nuggets back in September 2006, for a list of all the music websites mentioned so far, click on Music under Quick Links.