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Internet Validity

29 November 2007

A previous post highlighted some useful sites for developing pupils’ ability to question the validity of websites. Hopefully it will also help eliminate printing off entire pages and claiming it as their own research.  Another good resource to go alongside those already mentioned is:

The great thing about this example is there is a mix of fact and fiction that the pupils actually need to read to extract the facts. It comes with teachers’ notes and lesson ideas and covers a number of different explorers such as Christopher Columbus. All in all a fun way to start to introduce some important messages.



Believe it or Not?

1 October 2006

It’s worrying to think that there are people using the Internet who assume that because it is published on the web then it must be true. It is possible to dispell this myth and increase pupil’s critical thinking skills by asking them to research any of the following topics:

Reports are in that recent changes to climate  have affected the Velcro Harvest in California.

Increased logging and a reduction in habitats have left worryingly low numbers of the rare Pacific Tree Octopus remaining. If action isn’t taken soon these unique creatures may soon become extinct. Help save them here

Does your pet dog seem continually stressed? It may be a result of urban living. Pamper your pooch by sending the poor animal to Dog Island.

Some people just have too much time on their hands! If you know of any other good examples of this type of website then please let us know.