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Digit Sum Spirals

12 March 2013 is a super resource to promote the teaching of mathematics in ways that are visually stimulating. The Digit sum spirals project would be a make a very interesting investigation for Control robots such as Pro-bots (with a pen) or on screen turtle software.


Cool Math Monster Mind Reader

25 April 2012

How does the Cool Math monster mind reader  read minds? Perhaps you could ask your class?


24 March 2010

Sumdog is a free website designed to improve numeracy skills. It contains maths games covering a range of topics aimed at 9 to 13 year olds. The games can be played against the clock or against other students across the world and will track progress on the Graffiti Wall. Well worth a go!

Find more maths games here

Multiplication Tables

22 September 2008

Some great resources to help practise Times Tables from the blog of primary school teacher, ICT subject leader and prolific blog writer Tom Barrett. They are:

Multiflyer – A wonderful resource which Tom discusses in more detail here.

BBC Skillswise Times Tables – a classic on the Skillswise part of the BBC site.

Maths Trainer – part of a series of excellent resources from the Maths is Fun website.

Multiplication Puzzle – This resource is flexible enough to allow you to tailor it to individual needs and offers valuable practice.

Learning Clip Numeracy Activities

15 June 2008

The Numeracy Activities from Learning Clip come highly recommended. Each activity is linked to an objective from the Renewed Framework for Numeracy and, once you have registered, are free to use during the trial stage . All they ask in return is that if you have any feed back, positive or negative, you let them know.

Each clip comprises a short introductory video, an interactive activity and a set of notes.

New clips are being added to the site every week so keep checking for the latest releases.

More Numeracy Resources

9 January 2008

What better way to start the New Year than with some numeracy websites and resources?!? My current favourites are:  (especially the dictionary) and  

Also worth a look is  which contains a range of problem solving activities. All the ICT resources on the  Renewed Numeracy Framework can be accessed from the library; 

Those resources which come with guidance are especially useful, such as the Number Boards which will open if you select ‘Enable Macros’ when prompted. The guidance and ideas are avaiable as a PDF here. I also like the following resource for suggested use of some the itps:  

Click on this link to see previous numeracy resources posted on Primary Nuggets. Happy New Year!


BBC Bitesize Games for KS1

10 September 2007

The BBC has increased the range of their ‘Bitesize‘ activities to now include Key Stage 1 for both Numeracy and Literacy. The games cover a range of topics and look to be good fun. There are three levels to each activity (medium, hard or very hard) and can be used as starter activities, for independent work or during a plenary. 


Interactive Resources

28 July 2007

Thanks to the latest edition of the Promethean Planet E – Newsletter for recommending the Crickweb Website:

It contains hundreds of great interactive whiteboard resources which are free to use on all types of board or stand alone. There are resources for all key stages and most curriculum areas. Within each section there are a range of resources to download with a brief description of the activity. The editor of the E – Newsletter was particularly taken by the fish tank game within the Early Years section, where you have to catch fish with your net and see them in a fish bowl. Pupils further up the school may wish to try the function machine which includes the option to set all operations and numbers.

Please let me know of any other websites with interactive resources.

fish tank        function machine

Topic Box

15 July 2007

Regular visitors to the Coxhoe Durham or Snaith Primary websites will appreciate just how useful it is to have all those online educational resources in one place. I have just read about a new one called Topic Box on the Little Miss Teacher blog and have been to have a look around. The brightly coloured and easy to navigate website aims to electronically replace those dusty old plastic storage boxes which look promising but generally fail to deliver. Already there are 2131 resources in 174 different topics which can be rated by anyone who downloads them. Tell your friends and let me know if you come across any other similar sites.

topic box


Maths Games

8 February 2007

Here’s your chance to emulate popular TV quiz shows in the classroom. 

A stand alone version of Countdown’s numbers game can be downloaded for free from the CSFsoftware website. The challenge is to use the six chosen numbers to make the randomly generated target number. Each number can only be used once but all maths operations are allowed. The software allows you to differentiate by controlling the range of numbers generated and adjusting the amount of time available. It plays the countdown music during the challenge and also gives all the possible solutions once the time is up.

Countdown number and word games are also available at the subtangent website along with a maths version of ‘Who wants to be a Millionaire’ called ‘Mathionaire’. Questions get gradually more tricky as you move up through the money but you have your three life lines to fall back on if you get really stuck.