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Easter Activities

26 March 2009

i-board regularly make a small selection of their resources available to teachers free of charge.  Currently contains 6 activities suitable for KS1 and early KS2.

They are free to use and you can also link to them from your website, Merlin and My First Place. They are creative, pattern making activities, some themed around Easter. Simply go to the library area of the URL provided and click  “Show All Activities”. Note: When you get to the launch screen of an activity it contains a “copy link” button and “download thumbnail” button to support easy creation of lessons in a Learning Platform.

If you would like to see all i-board resources go to free to register for a free trial


Video Editing

16 March 2009

If you have ever worked with digital video then you will have experienced some of the potential pitfalls. Will it playback? Why do you sometimes get sound but no images? Is it compatable with editing software such as Movie Maker? It has all been made so much easier with Format Factory. Once you have downloaded the free software from it will convert just about any format of video (within reason) into the type you want to work with. It is even able to cope with video taken with a mobile phone. In addition, Format Factory will also convert popular sound and pictures formats.


Thanks again ICT Nuggets 🙂

Digital Maps

6 March 2009

There are a number of sources of free digital maps of the UK. I have been using Multimap as this now includes Ordanance Survey Maps and aerial photos of the UK. For some locations there are also higher quality aerial photos in the Bird’s Eye view section. The terrain feature in Google Maps is also worth a look. Other sources of maps include  MS Live and the Ordanance Survey site which also includes games and activities to improve children’s mapping skills.

To create our own maps we used the map making activity on the Teacherled website before looking at World Maps through Google Earth.