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Sing Up

28 January 2008

Sing Up is a new, national project that aims to encourage singing in primary schools. Once you have registered you can download songs and lesson plans to use in the classroom. You also recieve a free copy of the termly magazine which contains a CD of at least 10 songs, backing tracks and teacher notes. 


World War 1 Blog

27 January 2008

WW1: Experiences of an English Soldier is a wonderful example of a Blog. It is made up of transcripts of Harry Lamin’s letters from the first World War. The letters are published exactly 90 years to the day after they were written. To find out Harry’s fate, follow the blog!


Environmental Issues

20 January 2008

Your carbon footprint is the amount of greenhouse gasses you produce in a year. If you have been wondering how much that is, you can work it out with BP’s carbon footprint calculator.

At the end of the process, you are given the number of tonnes of CO2 you generate in a year and can compare this to your country’s average. Click “What you can do” and “Quiz” on the left of the site to find suggestions on ways you can cut down your CO2 emissions.

On a similar theme the Climate Cops from NPower help teach children about saving energy in a fun and engaging way. There is also a site for adults with energy saving tips.


BBC Learning Zone

19 January 2008

Another great resource highlighted by Ictopus is the BBC learning Zone which:

“provides rich audio-visual material for use in primary and secondary schools and colleges. These short videos have been selected to match the curriculum; they can be used in many ways, from the stimulation and engagement of students to the delivery of very specific learning points. Try searching by subject and topic or by keyword”.


More Numeracy Resources

9 January 2008

What better way to start the New Year than with some numeracy websites and resources?!? My current favourites are:  (especially the dictionary) and  

Also worth a look is  which contains a range of problem solving activities. All the ICT resources on the  Renewed Numeracy Framework can be accessed from the library; 

Those resources which come with guidance are especially useful, such as the Number Boards which will open if you select ‘Enable Macros’ when prompted. The guidance and ideas are avaiable as a PDF here. I also like the following resource for suggested use of some the itps:  

Click on this link to see previous numeracy resources posted on Primary Nuggets. Happy New Year!