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In the style of Famous Artists

15 November 2008

I was shown Check the map this week, which aims to support parents and tachers working with children with Special Educational Needs.  We spent some time looking at the extensive Free Fun Sites for Children and especially enjoyed 2 sites which recreate art in the style of famous artists. Jackson Pollock and Mr Picaso Head. Thanks for sharing Rowan!


Kaleidascope Painters

18 July 2007

If it’s got to that time in the term when you’re tearing your hair out trying to think of constructive activities to amuse your pupils. Or perhaps you need amusing whilst others are still trying to get things finished , try some of these. A range of sites that allow the user to create the most amasing onscreen visual patterns. Also really good for SEN pupils who respond to strong visual images and Early Years pupils.

If you want to test and develop ICT capability, why not try copying the image (use Screen Grab Pro or Snippy to capture an image from anywhere) and editing it in a graphics package such as Revelation Natural Art.

Kaleidascope Painter   Java Kali   DrawToy2    Byokal17 Kaleidascope   Reactive Colours

Kaleidascope Painter

Resources for Teachers

19 September 2006

Don’t be misled by the name of this website as there are lots of great resources for all primary school teachers at 

Especially useful is the Printables section which enables you to create a range of resources for literacy and numeracy lessons including number fans and wordcards. All the resources can be adapted before printing, so a certificate can be  personalised very quickly and easily.