Primary MFL Resources

Previously on Primary Nuggets the following MFL sites have been referenced:

Which contains a whole host of links to free MFL resources

You now have to pay to access this award winning site.

The colourful activities of ‘Le Club Francais’ are also worth a look

Another excellent and still growing resource from the BBC including worksheets and teachers’ notes.

A site for young English, French and Spanish speakers that is not only applicable for EY & FS but also the beginning of MFL.

The following resources come from ictopus. The article by Jim Merrett can be found in the Resources section under Sharing Good Practice ‘Learning On Line’.

Children have a habit of asking, “How do you say…., in French?” Unless you are very fluent, this is bound to catch you out at some point. However, instant help is at hand with this useful online translator. This can translate words, phrases, sentences, and even whole paragraphs.

Another great translating resource is Enchanted Learning’s ‘Little Explorers English-French Dictionary’. This has English words with the French equivalent shown underneath and accompanied by colourful illustrations.

With over 61 million hits, people are clearly finding this source of free worksheets very helpful. The French resources are organised by theme, such as food & drink, homes, body, animals, travel, shopping and schools. All worksheets can be used for both English to French and vice versa.

This website is the result of a project by a group of primary schools in Coventry and includes a lot of general information about language teaching with plenty of words and phrases from various languages, including French regions, for comparison and discussion.

Camden has produced an immensely helpful scheme of work, incorporating guidelines on how to deliver the Year 3 objectives for the KS2 languages framework. Gospel Oak Primary School is the origin of much of this material, which is presented as part of the London Grid for Learning set of resources. Plenty of lesson plans are included with overhead transparencies, PowerPoint presentations and worksheets, along with additional information for teachers.

This is a fairly simple and straightforward site with vocabulary lists that include the 100 most commonly used verbs. Permission is given for personal use only so it can be used to improve your own skills and pupils could be given the website address if you feel it would be helpful but it shouldn’t be used with the class.

Aimed at the upper end of the primary school, these resources have been produced by Channel 4 and cover topics such as clothes, family relationships, weather, food and colours. These are taught through a series of interactive games and activities.

See their ‘Language of the Month’ pages for resources in many languages, including French. Information about the language is provided and there is a menu offering first words, questions and answers and numbers in which children speak on video clips, using their native language.

This website provides an opportunity to see pages from Peter Rabbit in both English and French. There are also games and animations.

Barnard Grove French Club has produced this interesting site, Fun French, with sound clips and illustrations to help teach about numbers, animals, the weather and other topics. There are also worksheets, colouring sheets and a quiz.

This website is described as a training zone for teaching foreign languages and includes dozens of video clips of good practice in French teaching and ideas for integrating language teaching in the school, using a cross-curricular approach.

Primary Resources is full of helpful material donated by teachers, including worksheets, presentations, flash cards, tips and ideas, organised by topic.

This website is particularly good for games in French that help to teach, reinforce and revise vocabulary.

Look for the beginner exercises in the junior section of this site for a set of PowerPoint presentations covering greetings, numbers, classroom instructions and vocabulary. The site is free to use outside school hours so it could be used as a homework resource, but a subscription is required for use during the day.

Please let add a comment if you know of any other good sites.

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  1. Primary MFL Resources Says:

    All the Primary MFL Resources from a recent ictopus sharing good practice newsletter along with others from a previous post have been put together on a new Primary MFL page.

  2. Apple Lover Says:

    Blog looks great! Always looking for motivating blogs to keep mine going!

  3. Summer Camp Millhurst NJ Says:

    Thank you for this excellent read. Your blog posts are fantastic. Please keep them coming.

  4. Emogene Hackworth Says:

    found your site on twitter today and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I added your site to my RSS reader 😀

  6. Language Lab Designer Says:

    I’d like suggest the following free resource:

    Schoolshape Language Lab is a secure interactive teaching and learning platform, designed to encourage regular foreign language speaking practice. Language teachers can set and assess speaking tasks for their students to perform and submit online. Both free and premium versions are available.

  7. Happy New Year « Primary Nuggets Says:

    […] Primary MFL Resources 6 comments […]

  8. French Resources Webmaster Says:

    Could I suggest for the MFL resources section?
    These interactive resources are created by teachers and small independent educational publishers. Listening, speaking, reading and writing are included, most resources are free and all are automatically marked. Any teacher going on the site can also edit and adapt the resources, so that they can benefit more from each others’ work.

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