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Wiltshire Primary ICT Conference

30 October 2006

The Wiltshire Primary ICT Conference will be held on Wednesday 8th November at the Corn Exchange Devizes. There will be a number of seminars, workshops and a chance to spend time with a range of exhibitors. For further information about the day visit the Conference Blog .

Making a booklet

18 October 2006

Been on one of our courses recently where we showed you how to make a booklet in Textease and forgotten how to do it? Fear not, help is at hand! We are pleased to be able to share our first ever podcast publicly. This is a first attempt so please forgive the quality, but do let us know if it was useful.

Click here for a copy of the Textease template.

 Click here to listen the audio file.


Reading Level Calaculator

13 October 2006

Ever wondered what  the reading level is of documents you use with puplils in you class? Well here’s a handy tool for estimating the reading level of a book, article, or web page, based on the SMOG readability formula. This formula was first published by Dr. G. Harry McLaughlin in 1969, and it has been widely used by editors and writers ever since.  Why not give it a go? Simply paste the text into the window and click calculate.

How are we doing ?

Primary Nuggets =12.62,  ICT Centre Website=13.39, ICT Nuggets =10.8, SEN Nuggets 14.10

 Give it a go

ICT Centre Website goes live

13 October 2006

At long last, the new and improved Wiltshire ICT Centre website goes live!

We hope that this will be a useful place to help you keep up to date with new developments in ICT, both in Wiltshire and nationally. We hope you will find a link here to every thing you need in your role as ICT Subject Leader and as a classroom teacher. If there is something which you feel we should add, please feel to let us know and we will do our best to include your suggestions. to view for yourself


Believe it or Not?

1 October 2006

It’s worrying to think that there are people using the Internet who assume that because it is published on the web then it must be true. It is possible to dispell this myth and increase pupil’s critical thinking skills by asking them to research any of the following topics:

Reports are in that recent changes to climate  have affected the Velcro Harvest in California.

Increased logging and a reduction in habitats have left worryingly low numbers of the rare Pacific Tree Octopus remaining. If action isn’t taken soon these unique creatures may soon become extinct. Help save them here

Does your pet dog seem continually stressed? It may be a result of urban living. Pamper your pooch by sending the poor animal to Dog Island.

Some people just have too much time on their hands! If you know of any other good examples of this type of website then please let us know.