Reading Level Calaculator


Ever wondered what  the reading level is of documents you use with puplils in you class? Well here’s a handy tool for estimating the reading level of a book, article, or web page, based on the SMOG readability formula. This formula was first published by Dr. G. Harry McLaughlin in 1969, and it has been widely used by editors and writers ever since.  Why not give it a go? Simply paste the text into the window and click calculate.

How are we doing ?

Primary Nuggets =12.62,  ICT Centre Website=13.39, ICT Nuggets =10.8, SEN Nuggets 14.10

 Give it a go

One Response to “Reading Level Calaculator”

  1. Bob Harding Says:

    How did you calculate the figures Simon?

    All I can see is a 30 word minimum block of text entry tool. It’s very interesting and helpful though and a good way to check text on worksheets.

    Makes me wonder what the average reading age of an average 11 year old would be??? 😉

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