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Modelling and Simulations

13 May 2008

Two new simulation websites have been added to the page of links to modelling activities.

The Parachute Game allows you to design your parachute before going sky diving. Or, if that isn’t daring enough, then choose your horse, select your armour, and ride into combat in the Tudor Joust. Have fun!


Modelling Activities for Key Stage 2

28 October 2007

Having recently highlighted the excellent (and now finished!) ‘Big Day Out’ modelling activities for Key Stage 1, it reminded me about a couple of great free modelling activities for Key Stage 2.

The Funderstanding Roller Coaster challenges you to design a thrilling coaster ride without flying off the track. There are lots of detailed instuctions about how you can change the sizes of the hills or loop or, if you’re like me, you can just play around with the different options and see what happens! Why not post your fastest times as a comment on this link?

The second cool challenge is the Lemonade Stand from Moneyville. Here’s your chance to impress as an entrepreneur by selling as much lemonade as you can for the biggest possible profit. You need to keep an eye on the weather and be warned don’t try to charge too much.



The Big Day Out

26 July 2007

Aimed at key stage 1 ‘The Big Day Out’ provides open ended modelling activities. The way it is structured allows pupils to create a postcard or a scrapbook of the places they have visited. Provided by the SWGfL all the activities have a South West regional flavour ranging from taking a canal boat through a lock in Wiltshire to piloting a hot air ballon in Bristol.

big day out