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Multiplication Tables

22 September 2008

Some great resources to help practise Times Tables from the blog of primary school teacher, ICT subject leader and prolific blog writer Tom Barrett. They are:

Multiflyer – A wonderful resource which Tom discusses in more detail here.

BBC Skillswise Times Tables – a classic on the Skillswise part of the BBC site.

Maths Trainer – part of a series of excellent resources from the Maths is Fun website.

Multiplication Puzzle – This resource is flexible enough to allow you to tailor it to individual needs and offers valuable practice.

Primary History Links

8 September 2008

Searching for Primary History resources I came across a long list of websites on Schools History. Specifically I was looking for sites about Eygpt and found the section of the British Museum devoted to Ancient Eygpt particularly inreseting. Topics include pharaohs, gods and mummification. I also really liked the Eternal Egypt site.  Other periods of History are also covered by BBC Schools and the Wiltshire History Quest.

Historical Images

2 September 2008

The heritage explorer site offers a theme-based collection of free to use historical images. Many of the images are linked to specific national curriculum related topics and are supported by lesson ideas and activities. All images have supporting text and can be saved, downloaded or printed in a range of sizes. 

King’s Cross 1925