Favourite Free Reading Resources


Here are some of my “Favourite Free Online Resources for Reading”. Please let me know if your favourite resource has been missed out.

For all sites visited during the workshop at the Wiltshire Reading Conference please click here.


2 Responses to “Favourite Free Reading Resources”

  1. Paul Klintworth Says:

    Oxford Primary books – some real gems here!

  2. Peter Fogarty Says:

    I am an International school teacher working in a private school.

    For many years I have wondered why there are so many free children’s books online, but no free reading scheme. I decided it was time I fixed this. I have collected together around 2000 public domain children books and ordered them into both year groups and then also into monthly reading groups. The idea being a group of children can follow the scheme throughout the year.

    The big idea is that children can read these books on a Kindle, e-book reader or ipad at home. I have made sure all the books I offer are both free and come originally from well respected publishers.

    The website is called http://www.free-guided-reading.com

    The colour scheme follows that of the rainbow.

    Red – Year 1 books
    Orange – Year 2 books
    Yellow – Year 3 books
    Green – Year 4 books
    Blue – Year 5 books
    Indigo – Year 6 books
    Violet – Year 7 books

    I am now really keen for everyone to use this site, to reignite a love to reading. Make reading more than just another phonics scheme (incidentally, the site also has a really great, free, complete phonics link too!).

    Thank you for reading this.

    Peter Fogarty

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