Internet Safety


Thanks to David at the SWGfL for the following message:

With Christmas fast approaching, many parents will be buying computers, laptops, mobiles or gaming consoles for their children.  CEOP (The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre) are launching a campaign to raise parent’s awareness to some of the risks and issues associated with the Internet and online environments to make their children’s use of the amazing opportunities presented by the Internet inherently safer.  

The following article and resources from the SWGfL encourages schools to raise awareness with their parents via:

  •  The flash banner, which can be downloaded and published on a schools own website, promoting the campaign and linking to the new CEOP site.

  • School newsletters. Schools are encouraged to include (copy and paste) the article in any newsletter to be sent out. 

The aim is to encourage parents to think about safeguarding any purchase and also to visit: to obtain more information and subscribe to security bulletins.

Evidently the message is really important to promote and having ready made resources helps the process and will make a significant difference.


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