Read Kiddo Read


There are some great Literacy resources, ideas and websites on the Devon Literacy Team Blog. A recent posting reviews  6 of the Best Websites for Keeping Teachers up to Date with Books. This includes Read Kiddo Read which is a site created by the author James Patterson as a result of looking for books that his son might enjoy. This is what Joy likes about the site:

‘There are so many great sections on the site but I like the way it is divided into age groups and genre.  But my favourite feature is the list of books that follow on from a review which say, if you like this book then try these.  Only people who are really familiar with children’s fiction and non-fiction can offer this service’.readkiddoread


2 Responses to “Read Kiddo Read”

  1. Joy Simpson Says:

    Thanks for the mention in the post. Much appreciated. I like the look of swiggle in one of your previous posts so will go and find out about it.

  2. simon Says:

    No problem Joy, keep up the great posts! 🙂 S.

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