ICT Games for Key Stage 1


There are some great free educational resources on the ICT Games site, which are generally aimed at infants.  Also available from here is the Calmness Counter which I was shown recently. Once a microphone has been connected and the sensitivity level selected this site will keep track of the noise levels in the classroom. I just wonder how many pupils will see it as a challenge to get the pointer into the red levels!


2 Responses to “ICT Games for Key Stage 1”

  1. Lucy Hawkins Says:

    That is such a useful resource – I love the calmness counter! I wonder if you could set it for a smaller region if you had pupils using personal UMPCs in class… then they could monitor it for them too…

    As you can tell, our charity helps schools develop 1:1 e-learning, at home and at school. If you or your readers are interested, our charity has a blog too, where we talk about our grants to schools, and ways to work with Home Access… If you’re interested see http://www.valeriethompson.wordpress.com Cheers!

  2. john Says:

    Thanks for sharing the info. I found the information very helpful.

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