More Podcasting!


The link below will allow you to listen to the first attempts at podcasting by a group of six Yr 3, 4 and 5 pupils from a Wiltshire Primary School.

After an initial input, they spent 1/2hr or so experimenting with the software, recording their voices, adding sound effects and editing the content. They then chose a play to record, allocated roles and rehearsed the script. Those not allocated speaking parts looked for suitable sound effects to add to their play. The group came back together to perform and record the play and then worked together on editing and adding sound effects. They wrote an introduction and ending and hey presto…we’re there!

Despite the challenging behavior sometimes displayed by some members of the group in other classroom situations, they remained focused, worked collaboratively, and were able to work together to overcome any problems and difficulties relating to the project. They respected the views and contributions of others and were supportive of each other and able to offer constructive criticisms to help the combined project. A review of the afternoon reflected the fun they had all had and their keenness to share their work with others.

After the initial input, the ICT became an invisible tool that allowed them to perform the tasks required to complete the project, this surely is where we want to be with ICT? I had a really good afternoon and so too, I believe, did the children who were delight to work with.

Please do listen and let us know your thoughts.You can subscribe to our podcast by copying the following hyperlink and pasting it into your favourite podcast player (e.g. iTunes).



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