First Attempt at Podcasting


I had a great morning working with a small group of year 4 children and experimenting with podcasting. Using Podium by Softease it was really straight forward to record voices, add sound effects and music. The royalty free music came from the incompetech website.

I use apple’s itunes to collect and listen to podcasts which is free to download. Once itunes is installed and open, click on ‘Advanced’ and then ‘Subscribe to Podcast..’ Paste the following URL into the box to hear Sarah and Caitlin’s joke.

Next we hope to podcast a school radio show just like the wonderful shows already happening in Wiltshire at Fitzmaurice and St Marks Primary schools.



3 Responses to “First Attempt at Podcasting”

  1. bobharding Says:

    I love the usability of Podium, it actually does quite a bit without any fuss and makes the whole process very simple. There are other (free) ways to do it but they are all a fiddle and teachers have better things to do (usually!).

    I use ‘Juice’ to get my podcasts. Another free piece of software perhaps not quite a user friendly as itunes but good in other ways.

    I’m downloading the joke as I write (but I’m a few weeks behind so there’s a lot of catching up to do).

    Sounds like a great day, lovely to hear that Y4 children are doing this.

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  3. Doug Dickinson Says:

    It is great to hear that Y4 children got to grips with the technology so quickly that they could have fun and produce something like this… onwards and upwards from now on

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